Matalan School Uniforms Back To School Checklist

Matalan School Uniforms Back To School Checklist


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When it comes to kitting out new school uniforms there are two different trains of thought; parents are primarily concerned with buying affordable and hard-wearing clothes, whereas kids want to be trendy and stylish. Until recently it was difficult to find school uniform that fulfilled both parents and pupils expectations but thankfully, not anymore.

Forget being forced to dig deep into your finances to buy the mountain of accessories and footwear, for your childs return to school as that is a thing of the past. Superb quality girls and boys school uniforms are now available in all the latest styles from major supermarkets and leading clothes retailers such as Matalan voted number 1 for school uniforms by mums who read The Sun newspaper.

Indeed, most of todays staple school uniform items such as t-shirts, polo shirts, trousers and skirts are available from high street outlets at extremely affordable prices. Unfortunately, its not all good news as mandatory school logo uniform items still have to be bought from the schools appointed school wear shop at a significantly higher cost.

But, for day-to-day items choice has never been so great when it comes to school uniform; girls have a great choice of trousers for chillier weather or comfort, and on-trend skirts for spring and summer. Instead of a skirt and top combination, younger girls can opt for practical hard-wearing pinafores.

The boys dont get left out either when it comes to high street uniforms, there is a fantastic choice of latest style crew neck jumpers, polo shirts, sweatshirts and trousers; plus the choice of footwear for both sexes is huge.

Little ones need to be wrapped up in coats that are weather-proof and warm when the weather turns nasty, and Wellington boots also come in very handy for those rainy days.

In addition to clothing dont forget to kit out their schoolbag with all the necessary equipment and stationery items including pens and pencils. Another essential accessory is a back-pack in which the kids carry their school books, lunch boxes and drinks containers as well as the essential school books!

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Remember to order name tags well in advance, and buy a permanent ink pen for marking items such as coats. Sewing the name tags are always tricky, so like everything else to do with going back to school dont leave it too late.

To help with your back to school planning here is a suggested checklist of the most needed items and likely quantities required of each. Its not a definitive list as children of different ages will require different things, but it is a good starting point. In addition to this list you will also need to find out from the school whether mandatory items such as blazers, school ties and sports shirts are required.

Back to school checklist:

Pair of shoes

Pair of Wellington boots

Bag for school books / equipment

Bag for PE kit

Warm and preferably waterproof coat

Sweaters, sweatshirts or cardigans

Shirts or blouses

Polo tops

Shorts, skirts or trousers

Pairs of socks or tights

Pairs of sports socks

Pair of plimsolls

Pair of trainers

Pair football/ rugby boots



Relevant sports equipment such as shin pads, tennis racquet, hockey stick etc.

Lunch box and drinks container

Stationery set including: paper, pens, pencils, rubber, maths set and calculator

Its a long list but unless your child is starting school you wont necessarily need to buy all the items listed. Instead examine your childs current uniform for signs of excessive wear and ask them to try everything on for size before deciding what you need to buy.

Although its never too early to start preparations for the new school term dont be overly keen to get everything too far in advance. Aim to get the balance right, as you wont want to spend money on clothes that no longer fit when the term starts. But on the other hand, leave it too late and youll find the shelves are cleared of the most popular sizes. Matalan

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