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Embroidery is a special form of sewing, using different types of needles, and various colours of thread. However embroidery is not just restricted to thread; embroidery also encompasses the art of stitching things on fabrics such as sequins, beads, pearls and a variety of other materials.

Embroidery has been practiced as an art and a decorative measure for many centuries, long before ancient Egypt or even the ancient Chinese. Many different cultures have found their own way to highlight fabric using embroidery techniques. Extensive and elaborate embroidered fabric was a sign of wealth in many countries, the more colourful the embroidery and the more detail on peoples clothes, showed a greater financial position of their particular family.

Embroidery can be done in lots of ways. There are various stitches from cross stitch to free stitch and surface embroidery. Ribbons have been used in embroidery techniques as well as embroidered canvas work.

Embroidery is a handicraft that is very well known in India. In India they practise various types of embroidery, one in particular is Aari embroidery and this is done using a needle called an Aar, which is in fact very similar to a crochet needle. Aari embroidery is practised predominantly by people of the Muslim faith. Since Religion is a matter of interest to so many, many fabrics including clothing have been embroidered in magnificent detail and organized in various ways, to form symbols and words for deities.

These people take great pride in their work and use it as a way of communicating their feelings towards their beliefs. Often the embroided work has cost the individual or family a great deal of money, however because of its spiritual meaning, the cost is of no consequence.

Floral designs are inspired by all cultures, and this is also very true for India. Their talent when it comes to embroidery with threads and beads is absolutely phenomenal. Embroidery can be done on just about anything and most fabrics. You can find it on cushions, wall art, hand bags and also many shoes; a great deal of shoes have ornate embroidery patterns decorating them.

Exquisite scarves and hand bags have made quite an impression over the years on modern women. These scarves and hand bags make unique yet beautiful gifts. Many of the hand bags have been embroidered with various threads and beadwork, making them a definite, stand out in the crowd, fashion statement. Their designs include kutch, Aari, and floral just to name a few. The beadwork is intricate and requires a steady hand.

Many very pretty and detailed embroidered baby clothes have become quite popular. There is a large selection of baby items that is impressive not only in the beauty of the designs but also in the detail. There is a great deal of expert workmanship that has been put into each garment and baby bed sheets. You would be amazed by the range of colours and variety of animals, one can find to decorate a babys room. Really your imagination is the only limit.

Once you discover the elegance and the unique designs that are available out of India, you too will want to purchase some of these beautiful handcrafted items. Any embroidered product from India will certainly be a talking piece for family and friends who visit your home.

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