Warehousing Logistics Solution Provider Esquire Logistics

Warehousing Logistics solution provider Esquire Logistics



Timely reporting and safety are the important ingredients which helps a logistic company to expand its horizons to its highest. Since 1999, Esquire Logistics has been serving for the Warehousing Logistics needs in South Florida. As an excellent Miami Logistics solution provider it serves clients with a cost effective and highly efficient solution for their transportation needs.

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Esquire Logistics is a proud partner of Special Service Freight Company of the Carolinas. Special Service operates twelve Terminals servicing 17 cities throughout the Carolinas, Florida and Georgia. Most Stations are serviced by its own ‘Inter-State’ Line Haul. Special Service owns and operates its own fleet as well as cube trucks, sprinter and cargo vans. Its ‘Retail roll-out’ coverage has been extended to hundreds of locations in NC, SC, VA, GA, the E corridor of TN and FL. Special Service handles all time-critical freight from small packages to a full load as well as ‘hotshots’ and special pickups and deliveries to customers. They also service air-charter freight. Esquire Logistics offers a full range of Warehousing Logistics

from courier, distribution and inventory management needs. As Miami Logistics solution provider it bears over 10 years experience in storage, maintenance and distribution of all types of items. All the Warehousing Logistics here are monitored through GPS technology to ensure timeliness along with the ability to proactively notify its customers in the event of unforeseen delays. It understands the critical nature of Warehousing Logistics and the importance of good communications. Its Warehousing Logistics team members have 2-way communication capability. It has earned customer satisfaction by providing them facilities like dedicated drivers, straight trucks with lift gates, special handling, cargo vans, dock-to-dock services, two-man crews and a variety of fleet vehicles to fit their needs. The company offers Monitored camera/video surveillance system 24 hours a day 7 days per week.

The company provides Warehousing Logistics which is time efficient, cost effective and with minimal downtime. It excels in reorganizations, expansion, consolidations and office space rehabilitations. Miami Logistics

service features specially trained drivers and specialty equipment for the safe transport of one’s sensitive shipments. For Warehousing Logistics these services include a full range of temperature-control offerings as well as a complete suite of Secure Transportation Solutions.

Esquire Logistics has created a customized solution to any logistical challenges that its customer business may face. It has achieved success in completing distribution projects of various scopes and sizes, both locally and nationwide. Miami Logistics has played an important role in ensuring that its clients are given the highest quality service. Esquire Logistics has created a team of employees, contractors and agents including professionals from the logistics, distribution and relocation industries. It is their experience that has allowed the company to consistently provide dependable and affordable services for its clients throughout the nation.

Esquire Logistics had its beginnings as a division of Esquire Express Inc., one of South Florida’s renowned

Miami Logistics

and respected messenger services. In 1999, Esquire Logistics came into existence and its headquarters is at central Miami-Dade County. The company makes customers run smoother by providing services like

Warehousing Logistics


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